Moe Pwint Oo shoots the grimy punchbag a steely glare before slamming her fist into it, striking a blow for equality as she practises Myanmar's homespun martial art of Lethwei — a sport that encourages head-butting and grants victory by knockout only.
As election fever rises in Myanmar, student activists from several generations are contemplating their roles in the political area. After years and in some cases, decades, of activism – for which many served prison terms – they face a tough decision: whether to push for change inside or outside parliament.
Dutch photographer Jeroen de Bakker spent nearly 14 months in transitional Myanmar documenting the lives of people with diverse backgrounds. The ten photo essays will appear in Frontier and feature in a book due to be published in early November. Mr de Bakker discussed the project with Frontier.

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Who gets to vote?
For Muslim communities in rural Mandalay Region, the right to vote is at the mercy of exclusionary laws and a bureaucracy steeped in discrimination.
Defaming democracy
If the government really wants to introduce a fair framework for defamation, it needs to overhaul or replace all six related laws.