Words across Myanmar

Think you’ve got Myanmar figured out? Test your knowledge with a crossword puzzle! 


1. U Coo Coos? 
7. Café chain from Japan
9. Wealth in Myanmar’s palm
10. Treasure in the base of the Shwedagon Pagoda
11. Amenity absent from many a Myanmar toilet
12. What the government could formerly do to news reporting (Or what Frontier editors wish they could do to this puzzle)
13. US agency combatting 1-down.
14. It operates like the answer to 5-down due to the subjects of 5-down’s clue (acronym)
16. What 8-down runs to
18. “No worries, man!”
20. It generates controversy
22. What most Rohingya have never been given, abbreviation
23. What Frontier editors want to do to the writer of this puzzle
24. Provoked, or what Wa Lone and Lyaw Soe Oo claim police did
29. Chief attribute of Hkakabo Razi
30. Daw Suu getting a few holes in?
32. Enough of these and you’ll have a whole ltr.
33. A CP offering for vegetarians
35. Chinese brand you might use with 3-down
37. Oft said when talking to 26-down
38. What a street dog lacks
40. What you might send out if you’re stuck on this puzzle, abbreviation
41. Portmanteau for something that trumpets and chews?
42. Humane thing to do for what lacks a 30-across
43. Unavoidable at Thingyan


1. Floral fiend funding far-flung fighting
2. What a tourist likely does at the Bagan sunrise
3. Company that was a member of a trio until recently
4. Assassinated lawyer, with “Ko”
5. How Yangon’s parliament and traffic always go
6. Street food lover?
7. Like Aung San Suu Kyi in 2010
8. Myanmar’s biggest runner?
10. Common apparel in Mingalar Taung Nuyint neighbourhood
13. Bogyoke Aung San to Aung San Suu Kyi
14. “Nyi-leh!”  
17. King Bayinnaung’s dynasty
19. Like former Yangon street names
20. A warm welcome for spring arrivals
21. Surprise summer drop-ins
22. Crude booms, abbreviation
25. A word in Myanmar’s official name (or a quick fill for a lazy crossword writer)
26. Adoniram Judson’s main man, with “the”
27. Goes well with naan
31. What an astrologer might predict a comet to do? Or what a piece of phone software might hear with?
34. What 33-across might be, if commercially produced
36. What a Yangon taxi probably lacks



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By Jared Downing

By Jared Downing

Jared Downing is an American journalist from Colorado and Alabama. He likes podcasts, radio theatre and hitchhiking and collects cans of sardines from around the world.
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